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A brief on our Centre



The International Centre for Nigerian Law (ICFNL) is a private organisation dedicated to modernising Nigerian law and making it responsive to the real requirements of doing justice. We are also determined to make the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria available to a worldwide audience.


One of the things we have done in pursuit of our goals is to set up a website - The website was designed, built and is being regularly updated as a comprehensive guide to and resource for persons all over the world who do or want to do business with Nigeria or are interested in the Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


We have a worldwide membership. A very large number are Nigerians but we are glad to tell you that we have membership drawn from many other countries. Almost all are lawyers but there is a fair sprinkling of businesspersons, bankers, administrators and government officials.


We do not have any affiliation with Governments.


The Centre is supported by the voluntary contribution of members and as well as charges (always at cost only) for work done mainly by the Legal Support Team. We always welcome donations from persons who believe in what we are doing and we do receive some from time to time.


The Centre has a Governing Board and a General Assembly


The Governing Board is made up of a Chairman, the Director-General and seven regional directors for,


1.    Africa

2.    The European Union

3.    Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union

4.    U.S.A and Canada

5.    Central America, the Caribbean and South America

6.    The Middle East and the Indian sub-continent

7.    Asia (including Australia and New Zealand) and the pacific basin.


There is a Secretary of the Board.


The Director-General lives and works in Nigeria but other members of the Board live and work usually in the regions they represent. The Governing Board holds its meetings (referred to as a Consultation) every month on-line.


The General Assembly of the Centre is the highest organ and meets in January and July of every year on-line. All the members log on at the agreed time and the meeting holds in cyberspace.


The day to day running of the Centre is the responsibility of the Executive Committee (Exco). The Exco is a cyber community with membership in three countries and is in permanent session on-line. The Exco is made up of



1. Director-General


Head of Legal support




Head of Administration


Head of General Information


Legal Support is domiciled in Nigeria and is responsible for all research and documentation. They receive and respond to requests for assistance of a legal nature from visitors to the site and any other persons who may require assistance with matters relating to the Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


As and when required, the Legal Support team draws on the services of associate law firms, academics, Governments and other resource persons who in the opinion of the Head of Legal Support would suitably assist the work of the team.


The Webmaster and his team of web designers maintain the technical quality of the web site. They are responsible for the "look and feelí of the site and for all graphics


Administration takes charge of relationship with Governments all over the world. They also handle routine correspondence and generally run the Centre.


General Information is the public face of the Centre.


The Director-General of the Centre is Mr. Egbuna Obata. He holds a degree in Physics from the University of Benin and a degree in Law from the University of Lagos. He was called to the Bar at the Nigeria Law School in August 1985 and is in consequence thereof, a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.


Mary Okonye, also a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, is Secretary of the Centre.